Saturday, March 28, 2009

So far behind...

So have you noticed our lack of pictures and emails? Sorry we've gotten a little behind.
Broken camera + broken computer + one busy family = one big excuse! :)

So, let's travel back in time a little bit... Here is a slide show of some pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2008, as well as our FABULOUSLY FREEZING trip up to Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey!
Here's the link
directly to that album so you can check them out!

And now for some RECENT history!...
Jacob and Joshua have started to enjoy EXPLORING in the woods behind our house...
From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

And Bridget has started growing up so much! She's CRAWLING everywhere and pulls herself up to a stand whenever she has a chance!
From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

She's also started eating some FOOD and she loves making a mess!
From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

And ALL 3 kids have fun in the bathtub!
From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

More pictures of the kiddos...
From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

We also went to see the Shuttle launch...
From FEB-MAR09

And Bridget CLAPPED the whole time!
From FEB-MAR09

And on March 24th Joshua turned FOUR!!!
From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

From FEB-MAR09

Here's the link
to that album so you can go see ALL our pictures!

Now that our camera and computer are working again we'll try to get our pictures up more often!
Hope you're all doing well!
Love, The Halperns

Monday, November 17, 2008

October - November 2008

Hi everybody! It's been a while since we last updated the blog... so we wanted to share some recent pictures of the kids!

Bridget's getting bigger every day...

In early October we launched a rocket and the boys really enjoyed that!

Here are some school pictures...
Jacob's "dreamy eyed" look...

Smile from Joshua...

Precious Bridget...

Jacob was in the "Saints Parade" at his school... he was St. Francis and carried his trusty Gator!

For Halloween Bridget was a GATOR CHEERLEADER...

Jacob was Mr. Incredible...

And Joshua was a PIRATE... ARRR!

Joshua also had a "Saints Parade" at Sunday school...

And of course... lots of picts of Bridget!

October and November were also busy months for Emily and Chris. Chris turned 40 on October 24, and Emily turned 30 on November 12! We had lots of fun celebrating with our families and friends!!!

We have LOTS more pictures and some little video clips on the PHOTO ALBUM page... so go check those out too!!!

Thanks so much for visiting our website!
The Halperns

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

August - September 2008

Hi everybody!
Hope you're doing well and enjoying the start of fall and getting back to school! We've been keeping busy (crazy) but having lots of fun watching the Halpern kiddos grow...
Here are some new pictures...

We got hit hard by Tropical Storm Fay on August 22nd... LOTS of rain that flooded our street!

Jacob's just LOVING Kindergarten... he keeps busy with homework almost every night!

Bridget is growing up so fast!

Cutie Joshua playing puzzles...

Bridget had some photos taken in her baptismal gown... the same dress Emily wore as a baby!

3 kiddos hanging out on the couch...

Smiley little girl!

OH NO... Joshua gave himself a HAIRCUT! Oh the joys of 3 year olds!

Em and the kids...

J & J are best buddies...

Check out this cute video of the boys...

And one more of the little princess...

Here's a link to the entire album... check out ALL of our new pictures there!

Or... just watch this slideshow of all the pictures (let's see if this works?)...

Hope you're all doing great!
Love, The Halperns